Get Out and Go

Whether you want to try something new or invite people on an adventure, you can GO with Tramigo. Create and attend activities near you, see what’s popular in real time, and find buddies to do stuff with.


Make Connections

Join our travel-focused social media platform and connect with a network of like-minded individuals based upon your travel plans & experience.

Take Your Travel to The Next Level

Introducing the Globetrotter Gauge: a badge and leveling system built to inspire others, not for likes and looks. Get out of your comfort zone and become a trusted source in the travel community. Get credible advice and suggestions from other globetrotters. For travelers, by travelers.


Welcome to Adventure

Same Day Event Planning

Add some spontaneity to your life. Meet new people and try new adventurous activities. No planning required.

Virtual Scratch Map

Highlight where you’ve been, where you want to go, and the best sights you’ve seen as part of your profile cover in an all-in-one virtual interactive travel map.

Plan. Adapt. Discover.

Build your trip in advance or adapt it on the go. We help you find the must-sees, local hotspots, and the people to experience them with.

Personalized Itinerary

Keep your travel plans and activities organized & easily shareable with yourpersonal calendar.

No Likes, No Views, No Followers, No Pressure

Share the content you care about. Profiles meant to inspire your travels, without double tapping.

Keep Up With Your Travel Buddies

Easily communicate and instant message with anyone you meet on your travels or with buddies who are already a part of the Tramigo community.

Who Are We?

Tramigo is a social app where travelers can connect on-the-go and establish friendships through shared interests & experiences. Based in San Diego, CA with a small team of creative, adventurous & well-traveled entrepreneurs.
Our Mission
To facilitate authentic worldwide relationships and connect people from all walks of life by eliminating the superficiality and negativity from social media and breaking down the mental barriers that hold people back from traveling.
Our Vision
We believe that there's too much hate in the world, and social media is not doing it's part to fix it!
We combat hate by giving our community experiences to get them out of their comfort zone, connect them to likeminded people around the world, and ultimately provide the tools to help them develop genuine relationships. We facilitate true social connections where our community can learn, meet and grow through travel.
Our Culture
A person’s work is generally what defines them; it defines their purpose on this earth. We believe that you should work doing something you’re passionate about and traveling helps you find that purpose. We strive to create an innovative culture of meaning, not one based on the traditional productive culture approach. Instead of solely seeking profits, we seek to add color to our organization and our team’s lives.



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